Wineries close to Daylesford

wineries near daylesford australia

Australia: Wineries close to Daylesford

Wineries near daylesford Australia are an excellent alternative if you’re in search of an escape far from Melbourne. The Yarra Valley in south-east Victoria is among the most sought-after wine regions in Australia. There is a broad range of sweet and dry wines in this region. Most wineries are accessible from Melbourne. Also, you can take an excursion train from Daylesford to explore the area.

The Macedon Ranges are home to a variety of varietals, such as pinot noir, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. Daylesford is home to a number of vineyards. There are many internationally-acclaimed as well as locally-owned vineyards. While it may not be the best place to go for romantic trips but it’s the perfect spot to enjoy relaxing day trips.

Passing Clouds Vineyard is five minutes away from Daylesford. The vineyard provides all the winery services you could ever want. It makes a wide range of wine, including the pinot noir and shiraz and pinot gris. It is one of the top wineries within the daylesford region. Alongside offering top wines, Passing Clouds also offers varied food choices. The restaurant serves an array of dishes, such as homemade sweets and delicious pies.

Visit these wineries that are located in Daylesford, Australia if you’re planning to visit Daylesford. This area is famous for the production of premium wines with small amounts. Small vineyards are located near the city centre which means they are able to host guests of all sizes. They’re open all day long and their wine is always tasty. These vineyards are open on days off and weekends.

In the numerous vineyards that are located in the region There are a few known for their award-winning wines. Springhill Winery is close to Daylesford. The winery is located within the city of Daylesford and boasts a great number of quality wines. The mulled ciders are also bought at local eateries. Inside their kitchen, you can enjoy the Captains Creek Restaurant’s chefs will create gourmet dishes and custom-made food items.

There are plenty of wineries near daylesford australia that you could visit for fantastic day out. Surly Goat Surly Goat is a great alternative for picnics, because it has a wide selection of wines. There are a variety of other establishments that sell quality wines. Curly Goat Winery’s pinot-noir as well as chardonnay are both known to be excellent. There’s even ice.

It is also possible to find numerous wineries as well as wines within the Daylesford region. As an example, you’ll find a few boutique wineries that are well-known for their Nebbiolo wines. Additionally, there are other wineries that are a hit among daylesford residents. This is just a small selection of the wineries located in close proximity to daylesford and are each great.