How to make energy drink at home in easy steps?

Energy drinks are designed to replace the usual cup of tea or coffee in the morning, afternoon and even evening. There are tons of energy drinks you will find in the market for purchasing. However, we all are aware of the fact that such commercially sold energy drinks can do more harm than good to your health. Therefore, there is always a preference for the homemade energy drinks and preparation such drinks as per the body requirement is an easy job. Besides, you can prepare different types of energy drinks on different days to keep up with the variety. Here is how to make energy drinks at home in simple and easy steps.

Top 3 Homemade Energy Drink Recipes –

Soft Energy Drink

The Soft Energy Drink – Having enough sleep and keeping the body hydrated is not enough. At times, your body needs a slight charging up to be normal and optimal in proper functioning. Therefore, you can make a rather soft energy drink by combining plain filtered water with a slice of lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. The lemon brings a new taste to plain water, and it also balances the pH level of the body. But the game changer here is the pinch of cayenne pepper that helps to raise the energy level instantly. You can have as many glasses as this soft energy drinks throughout the day as you want without any side effect.

The Heavier Energy Drink – The above-mentioned soft energy drink is perfect when things are going normal. However, at times, you may have been drained on your vital energy, and you need instant recharging. For that, you need lukewarm water, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 inch of fresh ginger root, ¼ tablespoon of ground cardamom and turmeric each.

Heavier Energy Drink

Take a glass or mug and put two slices of ginger in it. Then use a garlic press to squeeze out the juice from the remaining ginger. Add the spices and then fill it with hot water and keep stirring. You need to then add honey for taste. It is a perfect non-caffeine energy drink, and it boosts the metabolism and blood circulation. Therefore, it helps in the digestive process and turmeric is also an instant energy booster. Then there are the added benefits of Cardamom. You can have it twice a day if you can manage it.

The Ultimate Energy Drink – If you are a gym enthusiast, you will be completely drained of your vital energy after the session. Therefore, you need something strong as an energy booster to bring back your energy level back to normal and beyond. You need either caffeine or sugar to enhance the energy level. If you want to avoid caffeine, you have to opt for berries. Berries contain natural sugar which does not burden your system. Instead, the slow release of the sugar brings back the energy level to the normal and then uplifts it.

mixed berries, lime juice and mint leaves drink

Therefore, you need a cup of water, a cup of mixed berries, 1 lime for juice and 4-5 mint leaves. Put all of them in a mixer machine and make a tasty energy drink for those who are completely drained out. In fact, you can carry it in a bottle and have it from time to time.

Making energy drinks at home is extremely easy as you can see above. You can make any of the three energy drinks as per the requirements of your body energy and current state. This will help to keep a variety and a better drinking experience naturally.

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